During your first class at Quest, called

“Cornerstone” , you will discuss this

required reading with your fellow

students and faculty tutor - enjoy!



Starting your intellectual journey at Quest necessitates having the right tools. In particular, the ability to work with numeric information is a critical component of Quest's Foundation Program, and thus we require that you demonstrate basic skills of quantitative reasoning (“Q skills”) *before* entering into many of our Foundation courses. At the beginning of the year, you will be required to take the Quantitative Skills Diagnostics, which determine skill levels in three strands: Information, Algebra, and Measurement. You must complete these diagnostics successfully before being able to register in several Foundation courses. While you will have more than one opportunity to write the diagnostics, failure to complete them may delay your progress through the Foundation Program. We suggest you prepare intently for the diagnostics over the summer. Information and review materials for each of the strands can be found here on the Quest Portal.


For more information, contact the Director of Quantitative Reasoning, Chris Stewart at


Chronicle of A Death Foretold

by Gabriela Garcia Marquez

Students who are keen to get Cornerstone ideas flowing will find Plato’s Apology of Socrates a useful supplementary text to read. A copyright free version is available



Apology of Socrates

by Plato


Classes begin on September 1.  All incoming students will be automatically assigned to their Cornerstone course in September and Rhetoric course in October.  Registration for other courses will take place after students arrive on campus.





Please use the following link to complete the Arrival Survey. Everyone must complete the survey regardless if they are planning to take Quest transportation or not. It is essential for us to know when you will be arriving on campus. The survey must be completed by Friday, August 15th. We cannot provide transportation for anyone who responds after the deadline. CLICK HERE  NEW!!!


Quest Orientation Schedule NEW!!!

· International Student Orientation Schedule August 27-28 CLICK HERE  NEW!!!

· All Student Orientation Schedule (Including International Students) August 29-31 CLICK HERE  NEW!!!

· Parent Orientation Schedule (Including International Students) August 29-31 CLICK HERE  NEW!!!


We are very pleased to invite you to watch our Quest Orientation webinars.

These will contain key information in various areas that will help you to prepare for beginning your studies at Quest, and being part of our community. Prior to each of the webinars, you will be sent an email invitation to join. Click here for more details about the webinars.

·  Webinar 1: Academics (Wednesday, July @ 4 pm) - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

·  Webinar 2: Residence and Campus Life (Wednesday, July 16 @ 4 pm) - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

·  Webinar 3: Enrolment Policies/Financial Aid and Scholarships/Campus Employment (Wednesday, July 23 @ 4pm) CLICK HERE TO WATCH

·  Webinar 4: Health and Wellness (Wednesday, July 30 @4 pm – will be posted Thursday, July 31) CLICK HERE TO WATCH

·  Webinar 5: Parent Session (Wednesday, August 6 @ 4pm – will be posted Thursday, August 7) CLICK HERE TO WATCH

·  Webinar 6: International Student Session (Wednesday, August 13 @ 4 pm – will be posted Thursday, August 14) CLICK TO WATCH NEW!!!


On Campus Work Study Information

Students who have received a need-based financial aid award from Quest are eligible to be a part of our Work Study Program.

Click here for more information.

To fill out the online form, click here and complete the On-Campus Employment Application before August 15.

Please note that we have very few on campus positions for students who are not on the Work Study Program.


Complete the Student Life Housing and Residence Form - DUE JUNE 1


Submit Your ID Card Picture

Complete Parental Consent Form by June 1

Meet the Student Affairs Team


Print the Pre-Arrival Checklist

Apply for Study Visa







Wednesday, August 27,

between 9am-2pm



Friday, August 29,

between 9am-2pm


A detailed student & parent orientation schedule is coming soon!



If you would like transportation to campus from the airport, please book a flight with an arrival time before 1:00pm. In August, you will be sent an Arrival Survey in which you can indicate if you would like a shuttle to Quest.



For detailed information about our residence buildings, including floor plans and dimensions download our residence profiles here.

AND come on a video walk through of our residence buildings:


To learn about the guidelines we have for campus living, read our Community Living Guide Top 10 click here NEW!!!


To meet your Student Representative Council for 2014/2015 click here. NEW!!!


To meet your student elected Floor Reps for 2014/2015 click here.  NEW!!!


Students interested in learning more about accessibility at Quest, specifically academic and non-academic accommodations, should click here.


To read some sage advice from Quest graduates, please click here.












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